In an age where we’re all so digitally connected, it occurred to me there should be a space devoted to the needs, wants, and connections that make up the virtual landscape of all things classical music.

I’ve always been aware that classical music falls outside the mainstream, and mostly exists as a marginalized art form in a world controlled by popular culture.

With so many people working in the field of classical music, including the support service areas, it’s remarkable that we still find ourselves constantly searching for the things we need in so many disparate places (like eBay, craigslist, Amazon, and the nooks and crannies where we hunt for elusive things like places to live and work that are friendly to classical music). More often than not, we end up finding the things we need through friends and social networking.

Enter Mozart’s List, a niche social networking site for classical music featuring classified, employment, and event listings. Mozart’s List is a veritable farmer’s market of goods and services catering to the classical music community. Anyone with an interest in classical music—from the enthusiast to the professional—can participate in this online space and help build a healthier classical music community.

All site members are welcome to check employment opportunities post classifieds and events. Your listings will contribute to comprehensive regional networks of business, service, and event listings that support classical music communities around the world!

Mozart’s List is also a business directory where anyone in the field of classical music can create a listing to gain exposure. It’s the ultimate classical music business directory, and it’s free to list and free to use! Create or claim your listing today!

Welcome! Spread the word!

Hello and welcome! I’m Kathy Geisler and I founded Mozart’s List to help organizations and individuals involved in the field of classical music make a stronger community. Mozart’s List is a place to do business and network in an environment with inclusiveness in mind. I have worked in many roles in classical music including as a musician, in presentation, production, festival creation, recording, radio, artist management, marketing, promotion, and logistics. 

I created the site in order to build a more decentralized infrastructure to allow everyone with an interest in classical music to participate. Opportunities for expanding educational resources, professional services, promotion, and increasing the movement of goods and ideas on a local and international scale are all possible on Mozart’s List. 

Welcome! Spread the word!